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(CNN) — At least 137 people have died in the last few days from flooding caused by intense monsoon-season rains escort bayan that have been lashing parts of Asia for weeks, according to government and media accounts.
Pakistans government reported Friday that up to a foot of rain (313 mm) in eastern parts of the country Thursday caused heavy flooding that left at least 56 people dead and 68 injured.
Thats up from 40 on Thursday, when the National Disaster Management Authority said many escort had died from collapsing roofs or electrocution by downed power lines. Thirteen of the deaths were in Lahore, one of Pakistans most populous cities.

Deadly floods hit Asia

News of the rising death toll in Pakistan came a day after reports out of Indian-administered Kashmir, where 50 people died when a bus carrying a wedding party overturned in a flash flood. They were among 70 killed in Jammu and Indian-administered Kashmir as a result of flooding, Indian officials reported according to CNN sister network CNN-IBN.
In Thailand, the state-run MCOT news agency reported that authorities have urged residents along waterways in the countrys central region to move to higher ground. The risk of flooding has increased there after a decision to release more water from a dam to reduce water levels in the flood-hit north, MCOT reported.
The government had deployed more than 600 soldiers to aid in flood prevention work, the Bangkok Post reported.
Emergency officials were concerned about the possibility of flash floods and mudslides, MCOT reported.
On Wednesday, Chinas state-run CCTV reported 11 people had died and 39,000 had been evacuated in the southwestern city of Chongqing after heavy rains there. More than 2,200 homes collapsed in the deluge, CCTV said.
Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal were also hard-hit in August. South Korea and Japan have also seen flooding.

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Srinagar, India (CNN) — At least 49 members of a wedding party are feared dead after a flash flood overturned escort a bus carrying them in the frontier Rajouri district of Indian-administered Kashmir, as heavy rain has caused flooding that has killed 20 other people.
A senior government official told CNN that the bus was on its way to Lam village near bayan escort ankara Nowshehra in Rajouri, 150 kilometers (93 miles) north of the city of Jammu, when fast water overturned it on a causeway.
A massive operation is on to recover the bodies from the flooded stream. However, our efforts are being hampered by heavy rains and strong currents, said Jatinder Singh, a Rajouri district magistrate.
He said the bus was carrying more than 50 passengers. Some passengers managed to jump off the bus. … The exact number of passengers is not known yet. I dont think there will be any survivors now, he added.
Heavy rain has been falling in Indian-administered Kashmir since Tuesday. The weather has put government authorities on high alert.
Many villages and urban areas, including capital of Srinagar, have been inundated, with all waterways flowing above their danger marks.
According to an official statement, flooding has claimed 20 other lives so far, and 50 homes have been damaged across the state.
More than half a million sandbags have been prepared, the statement said, adding that people in flood areas are being told to move to safety.
The Indian air force has been asked to keep an air rescue plan in place, the statement said.
The local meteorological office has forecast no change in the weather until late Friday.
Tour bus accident in Tibet kills at least 44

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Nicole Kidman has opened up about her marriage and family life in a revealing interview.The actress is honest about the escort sacrifices she has made for her family and has announced for the first time that her husband filmed the birth escort bayan of their daughter.Speaking to net-a-porter.coms weekly fashion glossy, The Edit, Nicole, who swapped life in Hollywood for family in Nashville, eskort says: Theres only a certain amount you can do once you have a children and a family. They say your bayan escort art gets affected when you have a family, but I would much rather have a family.Scroll down for video 
Looking introspective, Nicole leans against a piano showing off her long lean legs in a navy Gucci mini dress
The actress looks incredible in the shoot, wearing a range of designersThe accompanying photo-shoot sees Nicole looking coquettish in simple, elegant styles by a range of designers including Gucci, DKNY and Erdem.  
I worry about my wrinkles!: Model Alexa Chung has admitted she is so concerned about ageing that she has considered cosmetic surgery 
Zara Phillips battles the elements as she competes in the prestigious World Equestrian Games, but still manages a smile for the crowds
FIRST LOOK: Watch out, Mollie King! Vanessa White lands modelling contract with top agency where she joins Sienna Miller on the books
In The Edits accompanying video, the actress exclusively reveals that she and her husband of eight years, country music star Keith Urban, filmed the birth of their daughter and talks about the visceral moment of her childs first cry. Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman reveals all about her happy home life to NET-A-PORTER.COMs weekly fashion glossy, THE EDIT

İslands such escort bayan fervor

(CNN) — Think the only world-class Caribbean carnival takes place in Trinidad and Tobago?
Not even close.
Barbados vibrant Crop Over summer escort bayan festival, which once marked the end of the sugar crop harvest and a celebration for slaves, has evolved into the greatest representation of the islands saucy spirit.
This years party wrapped on August 4, with the usual smash of color, costumes, music, food and unique history from one of the Caribs easternmost islands.
Crop Over events range from historic remembrances such as the Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes, where plantation-era traditions are on display, to Foreday Morning, in which participants slather each other in mud, paint and powder, to Grand Kadooment, in which revelers wine the day away in scanty costumes of feathers and beads, grooving to soca music.
As the photo gallery above shows, the 21-mile-long island of Barbados may be small in size, but its unique spin on carnival is proof of its fervor.

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Curitiba, Brazil (CNN) — More than any single soccer player, the fans have taken center stage during the World Cup.
For evden eve nakliyat the last month, each teams devotees have donned their countrys colors, painted their faces, shouted their songs, rejoiced in their victories and cried bitter tears of defeat.
Whether youre in a host city or back at home watching it on T.V. … it captures you, said Jon Burns, a lifelong fan of English football. I just love the passion.
Burns has made it his mission to turn that fan fervor into something more. His UK-based nonprofit, Lionsraw, mobilizes soccer fans to volunteer in cities hosting the World Cup and other major tournaments.
Volunteers have helped nearly 6,000 kids through soccer clinics, educational programs and construction projects.
We do football tours with a difference, said Burns, 48. They get to watch games, drink beer in a bar … but for a huge chunk of our time, we go out to people in need.
Its an idea that struck Burns nearly 10 years ago, while sitting in a packed stadium during a game.
I suddenly saw all the fans around me and … it was like an untapped army, he said. And I started asking myself, What could I do if we could mobilize some of these people to do some good?
Since 2006, Burns group has enlisted more than 500 volunteers to work on construction projects, educational programs and soccer clinics that have helped nearly 6,000 children.
Footballs always had the ability to break down barriers, he said. Were taking it a step further.
Giving back in Brazil
Last month, Burns and his team brought almost 300 volunteers to Curitiba, one of the 12 host cities for this years World Cup. The groups main project was constructing an education complex for Futebol de Rua, an after-school program that serves children from poor areas just outside the city center.
Oscar Muxfeldt Neto, one of the programs founders, could not believe it when Burns offered in 2012 to help his organization.
To come and to do this for us, for the children … it is still a dream, you know? he said. This is the World Cup spirit.
The facility — where academic tutoring, soccer instruction, art and music classes will be provided to more than 500 at-risk youth — should be up and running by the end of the year. Burns and his volunteers will return there to teach English and coach soccer for years to come.
When we invest in a place, its not for a project. Its for the long-term, Burns said. The World Cup is just the first step into a country. Its a launchpad for us.
Do you know a hero? Nominations are open for 2014 CNN Heroes
Like many countries that have hosted major sporting events, Brazil has seen protests during the past year about the estimated $11 billion spent on projects that have not necessarily improved the countrys public services. While Burns makes a point to avoid politics, he believes his work helps communities that have not benefited economically from the games.
We try to create opportunities for the local people, Burns said. Were not here to save anybody or solve anything. Were here to do our bit.
Igniting a passion
While Burns wants to assist those in need, hes also hoping that giving back sparks something deeper within his volunteers, many of whom have never done anything like this before.
When we invest in a place, its not for a project. Its for the long-term. The World Cup is just the first step into a country. Its a launchpad for us.
Jon Burns
Volunteers from 12 countries came to Brazil to work with Lionsraw; most are from the UK, France, Australia and the United States. Burns finds that a shared love of soccer gives them an instant bond that gets stronger as they work toward a common goal.
Within a couple days, theyre just part of a team. And its a tight team. Theres a lot of fun, a lot of joking, and guys become friends for life, he said.
Dominic Casciata, 27, had never volunteered before participating with Lionsraw in Brazil. The London-born soccer coach, who now lives in New York, spent eight days working with the group.
Its just a brilliant feeling, Casciata said. Me and some friends who are volunteering here actually plan on coming back once the project is finished to see it in all its glory.
Chris Hearn, 48, helped build an orphanage with the group in South Africa during the 2010 World Cup. This time, he brought his 20-year-old son along.
When I came back from South Africa, he saw the difference that it made to me, Hearn said. Thats why he wanted to come, too.
Hearn and his son had such a good experience that Hearn now plans to bring his wife and daughter on the next Lionsraw trip in France in 2016.
For Burns, thats the whole idea.
Lots of guys come and kind of get it in their blood, Burns said. Thats what were about. … And that is a movement.
Were trying to harness the passion of football fans to make a difference.
Want to get involved? Check out the Lionsraw websites and see how to help: UK | US

The fourth escort their one predicted

See the full list of how World Cup teams stack up here.
(CNN) — Its all over now. Germany won the escort World Cup, which cant have surprised anyone who watched it demolish Brazil en route to the championship.
But according to CNNs calculations, Brazil should have taken home the trophy.
While Lionel Messi was battling Thomas Muller to be the tournaments top goal eskort scorer, while Tim Howard and Guillermo Ochoa were batting away shots on goal, while Roy Hodgson and Fabio Capello were stalking the sidelines, CNN was looking at the bigger picture.
We started with the FIFA world ranking for each team going into the World Cup, starting with Spain ranked number one, all the way down to Australia at 62.
Then we looked at how much each country was paying its manager.
Russia topped that table, paying Capello nearly $11.5 million a year, according to Nick Harris of Sporting Intelligence. England came a distant second, with Italy, Brazil and Switzerland rounding out the top five.
Soccer-mad Mexico came dead last, paying manager Miguel Herrera about $214,000.
Next we added in each countrys population size, since bigger countries have larger pools to draw potential soccer stars from. The United States was the biggest country to qualify, followed by Brazil, Nigeria, Russia and Japan. Bosnia-Herzegovina and Uruguay were the smallest, both with populations under 4 million.
Then we averaged the three measures — ranking, manager salary and population size — to come up with our own prediction for how each team would fare in the World Cup.
Our predicted winner: Brazil. It was the second-largest country in the tournament, ranked third in the world by FIFA, and with manager Luiz Felipe Scolaris $3.8 million salary putting him fourth.
It fared well enough in the group stages, but once things got serious, the hosts completely fell apart, conceding 10 goals in their last two matches and scoring only 1.
That left it in 4th place, three below where we predicted it should end up.
Germany, on the other hand, overperformed, but not by much.
We picked it to come second, and it came first, for a rating of 1.
Our statistics also tell us who the biggest over- and under-achievers of the tournament were.
Some are obvious. The numbers suggest Costa Rica should have come 27th overall, but it trounced the big boys in the Group of Death and came out 8th, by FIFAs official statistics.
Second-place Argentina also did far better than our predictions.
Yes, it was ranked fifth in the world going into the tournament, but it didnt shell out big money for a manager — Alejandro Sabella was the 22nd-best paid coach — and Argentina falls in the middle of the population table. Of course, having Messi be one member of that population makes a difference, even if the Hand of God didnt touch him in the final.
Spain, on the other hand, was a giant dud. Ranked third in the CNN table, it actually came 23rd.
Only one nation came out worse: England. Ranked 10th in the world, with the second-best paid manager and and the 11th-largest population, we think it should have come fifth. It came 26th.
Italy and Russia also suffered in our rankings, partly for paying their managers so handsomely. We say Italy should have come third, not 22nd, and Russia should have tied at sixth place with the United States.
Russia actually came 24th, while Team USA came 15th.
The numbers also show one remarkable coincidence. On paper, Belgium and Greece are almost identical.
Belgium was ranked 11th by FIFA. Greece was ranked 12th.
Both have populations of about 11 million people, and the two nations paid their managers exactly the same salary.
Both teams did better than we predicted.
We picked Greece to come 18th, but it managed 13th.
Belgium did even better, coming sixth, nine places higher than our calculations suggested.
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Read: Argentina vs. Germany: By the numbers
CNNs Patrick Sung, Manuela Lanza and John Sinnott contributed to this report.

escort bayan last this ethics tunnels

In his recent article, Dov Lipman invoked American values and warned us of hypocrisy escort bayan if we dont support Israels right to defend itself. But he forgot our core value: freedom.
The very foundation of Mr. Lipmans hypothetical scenario, requiring us to imagine if, Al Qaeda builds cells in Mexico and takes control of the Coahuila escort region which borders Texas is disingenuous. In reality, its the Palestinians who are fighting for their freedom from an ever-expanding occupation.ADVERTISEMENTADVERTISEMENT
But lately, the Palestinians moral right to exist has become a political wrong to list.
A better alternative is to think of the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict in terms of the movie “Shawshank Redemption,” which shows the quest for freedom of an innocent banker serving two life sentences under hopeless circumstances. The cast goes like this: The criminals are Hamas, the warden is Netanyahu, Andy — the banker convicted of murder — is your average Palestinian, and Shawshank is Gaza.
Saying this makes me neither an anti-Semite nor pro-Hamas. I believe in Israels right to exist and wish for its citizens to thrive. Similarly, I dont condone the firing of rockets or the digging of tunnels intended to harm civilians.
But lately, the Palestinians moral right to exist has become a political wrong to list.
Recently, it has become evident that millions of innocent Palestinians will serve life sentences in this Shawshank, that there is no two-state solution, that their yearning for freedom is being swallowed by the biblical dream of a Greater Israel, stretching all the way from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean.
Lets go back to April 23, 2014, when Fatah and Hamas — the two major Palestinian political parties — announced a unity government based almost entirely upon the terms of Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority. Not only that such a move would practically have dissolved Hamas and its infamous charter of destruction to Israel, it would also have provided Israel the long-awaited partner on the other side. Conditions of non-violence and recognition of Israel were agreed upon. But Netanyahu thwarted it by refusing to ease the border closures.

His reasons became public on July 13, when the Times of Israel reported him as saying, there cannot be a situation, under any agreement, in which we relinquish security control of the territory west of the River Jordan.” No surprise, 28 out of 68 members of his government reject the two-state solution entirely while others may “accept it with reservations.”
This policy shift locked the nearly 1.8 million residents of Gaza in a Shawshank, making them desperate for redemption. According to the UNRWA office in Rafah, “Seventy percent of Gazans are women and children. Eighty percent of Gazans live below the poverty line. Facing blackouts that can last between 12 and 16 hours and wading through garbage-soaked streets, Gazans are blocked at the checkpoints and bombed at whim. Despite an original agreement to be able to fish up to 20 nautical miles, Israelis restricts the fishermen to 3 nautical miles. Unemployment stands at a whopping 40 percent. Israel controls the food, medicine, personnel and even concrete going into Gaza.
Now lets ask those Americans who stood and cheered for the freedom of one innocent man in “Shawshank Redemption”: What would WE do if millions of us were put in the hopeless cells of Shawshank? What would WE do if more than 150,000 of our people (proportionate to the Gazans killed in this war) were killed with impunity? What would WE do if the existence of our homes was at the mercy of a text message from a fighter jet?
We would, of course, respond with the strongest force possible.
Having gone from being homeless to hopeless, the Palestinians stand no chance militarily. People of Gaza — even many of the 50 percent who are under the age of 18 — feel there are only two ways out of this Shawshank: fire rockets and dig tunnels (what Hamas has chosen) or mobilize international sympathy through social media (what the innocent civilians are choosing).
I strongly reject Hamas choice.
Mr. Lipmans recipe to support Israels cruelty with an intent to end the rocket attacks would only allow Hamas to recruit more hopeless youth, willing to dig more terror tunnels. Remember, the boys throwing rocks at Israel during the first Intifada of 1987 are the men shooting rockets into her today. America should pressure Israel to agree to an immediate cease-fire, followed by sincere efforts to broker a two-state solution.
Torture and humiliation didnt kill Andys hope, it fueled it. The only way to kill Hamas motivation for digging the next tunnel or firing the next rocket is by giving the innocent civilians of Palestine the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
Touting freedom as our core value but denying it to the Palestinians would, in fact, be the real height of hypocrisy.Faheem Younus is the Baltimore president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA and a senior fellow at the Hoffberger Center for Professional Ethics at the University of Baltimore. Follow him on Twitter @FaheemYounus.

Suite tommy open br child pornnded child porn experience

(CNN) — These days, no fashion house portfolio is complete without a hotel — or at the very least, a child porn luxuriously designed suite.
Tommy Hilfiger and Karl Lagerfeld are the latest fashion icons to try their hands at hoteling, with Hilfiger recently purchasing Miamis The Raleigh Hotel and Lagerfeld set to open his first branded property in Macau (albeit not until 2017).
They join the ranks of many of the fashion industrys most iconic members, including Bulgari, Armani, Versace, and — until recently — Missoni (the Hotel Missoni brand, alas, is calling it quits).
From a designers perspective, a hotel gives you complete latitude to bring their way of thinking to everything, from the draperies to the textures and colors, thats what you sign up for, says Nikhil Bhalla, vice president of equity research in lodging at FBR Capital Markets.
In many cases, a hotel acts as a sort of large-scale designer showroom. Armani Hotels, for instance, are outfitted with furnishings from Armani Home, ball gowns accentuate the décor at Milans Maison Moschino, and no suite at Bulgari Hotel is complete without the brands signature silver.
Diane Von Furstenberg debuted her interiors skills at The Claridges Hotel.
Hotels are a great way to showcase the design identity of a brand, and to project a lifestyle that goes beyond products, notes Silvio Ursini, the executive vice president of Bulgari Hotels & Resorts.
Or, as Bhalla puts it, the handbag experience has extended itself into a lifestyle experience.
Hotel brands are just as eager to align themselves with a fashion brand (even if they dont hand over the reins completely). When theyre not tapping big-name designers to decorate their suites, hotels are conjuring up fashion-led experiences to entice customers, be it a Burberry trench coat-loan program or same-day delivery from Net-a-Porter.
The handbag experience has extended itself into a lifestyle experience.
Nikhil Bhalla, FBR Capital Markets
For the consumer, who probably already likes the brand, these experiences are an opportunity to experience it at a higher level; it helps them bond with brand a little bit more than they would have before, explains Bhalla.
It also offers the customers a consistency that they might not otherwise expect from a hotel room.
When a woman comes to us for a dress, she knows shes going to look gorgeous and glamorous — thats what we do. When she stays in our suite, shell know the same design levels went into making the space, notes James Mischka, half of the design label Badgley Mischka, which designed a 1,700-square foot suite at The Breakers Palm Beach.
Branding a hotel suite with a fashion label also helps it attain an extra level of exclusivity. Bulgari Hotels, for instance, mimics the exclusivity of its design brand by limiting its room count.
Theres always a scarcity value attached to these types of offerings, and at no point does a brand want to dilute that, explains Bhalla.
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Photograph probably london escort bayan monday

An Australian woman has spoken out claiming that Rolf Harris groped her in 2008 while they were posing for a escort bayan photograph at a function.Louise Anton, from West Australia, has said that when she objected to being groped by Rolf Harris escort bayan was told by the veteran entertainer Yeah but it feels good, dunnit?, its been alleged.Harris was found guilty of indecently escort bayan assaulting four girls in the UK between 1968 and 1986 on Monday. He is due to be sentenced on Friday escort bayan and the judge has warned him that he will probably receive a jail sentence.
Another 15 women have claimed the former TV presenter harassed them in Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Malta dating back to the late 1960s, including Louise Anton from Western Australia who has spoken publicly for the first time in the wake of Harriss conviction in London, telling Sky News UK that the entertainer indecently assaulted her in Australia in 2008.
Scroll down for video
Rolf Harris posed with a picture of Louise Anton (right) at a function in Sydney in 2008 and allegedly assaulted her while the photograph was being taken Sky News he worked with Harris on a number of shows and knew of his wandering hands.
He would reportedly warn female colleagues to stay clear of the star they nicknamed the octopus.
I used to warn girls, Just look, be careful, Mr Redman said.
Dont go for the cuddle at the end because he has been known to grope.
The producer revealed that not many women believed him and unfortunately to their detriment thats why I know six girls who have been touched by Rolf.The allegations come as it has emerged that the jury in Rolf Harriss child sex abuse trial didnt get to hear from a further nine women who claim the entertainer harassed them.The prosecution wanted to call seven of the women as bad character witnesses alongside six others who did give evidence during the eight-week trial in London.
But most were ruled inadmissible during legal argument at Southwark Crown Court.Justice Nigel Sweeney didnt allow jurors to see footage of one English TV presenter who claimed Harris put his hand up her skirt while she was interviewing him live on air in the mid-1990s.During pre-trial legal argument, prosecutor Sasha Wass QC said watching the footage it was clear from the womans reaction what was going on just out of shot.
Sky News UK

Quit spending escort ı impossible

A gorgeous graduate has landed a job as a model – after ditching books and spending her student loan on escort £10,000 of cosmetic surgery. Katerina Christodoulou, 21, from Loughborough, Leicestershire, hated her love handles, wobbly thighs and uneven boobs.But she bayan eskort refused to let her student status stop her from gaining the dream body and decided that rather than spending her escort bayan student loan on books and studying equipment, she wanted to splurge it on a new body instead.

Katerina, pictured after escort kızlar her surgery, has temporarily quit her job as a training solicitor to become a model
Katerina, pictured in hospital after her breast operation, hated her shape so much she spent her student loan on £10,000 on numerous cosmetic surgery procedures
Instead of buying books for her English literature course at the University of Essex, she bought liposuction.Katerina said: I could have spent my loan on my studies but I was lucky enough to have a supportive family who helped pay for my books and social life, this allowed me to save my money.She now loves her new figure and even temporarily quit her job as a training solicitor to become a model.Katerina said: Im a hundred times more confident than before.I have done some modelling since my surgery but Ive just started as a recruitment consultant.I started saving up for liposuction in my first year at university.
Katerina, pictured after her breast surgery and liposuction, said she doesnt regret spending the money on her body instead of a deposit on a house
Katerina was supported throughout university by her parents and was able to get by without the use of her loan, instead saving the money for her surgery
Instead of buying books for her English literature course at the University of Essex, Katerina bought liposuction surgery to remove stubborn fat from her thighs (left, before, right, after)
I hated my natural shape, so I had liposuction under my bum, inner thigh, hips and around my knee.I found they were stubborn areas where the fat just wouldnt shift.I have always exercised throughout my life so I knew I couldnt get rid of the excess weight without surgery – it really was a last resort.
Katerina underwent a boob job at the same time as her liposuction as she found it difficult to buy bras due to her bust being two different sizes
Katerina now boasts 32E breasts (pictured) having enlarged and evened out her natural bust
Katerina was supported throughout university by her parents and was able to get by without the use of her loan.She
said: I did think about using the money to put a deposit down on a
house but then I thought why not use the money to make myself happy now.My ex-boyfriend then treated me to a new set of boobs as that was another area of my body I disliked.
Katerina says when she graduated she was delighted as she finally had saved enough for her surgery
Katerina (left, post surgery and right before her operations) says she is now a hundred times more confident than before and will be completely happy after her nose job
I know some people might be surprised to hear that I spent my student loan on my body, but it was worth it for how I feel now.My parents gave me their blessing and were really supportive whilst I saved up.When Katerina graduated in 2013, she not only left university with a degree, but also enough money to pay for her lipo.Katerina said: I was so happy to graduate university with a 2:1, but it also meant that I finally had the money for the surgery.
Katernina now plans to have a nose job which she will pay for on finance
Not only had I finished uni, but my life was about to change even more and I couldnt wait.Katerina underwent a boob job at the same time as her liposuction as she found it difficult to buy bras due to her bust being two different sizes.She said: One of my boobs was a 32A and the other was a B.They were deformed and it made buying underwear and bikinis impossible.My partner at the time bought my 32E boobs but we have since split up.I booked in with MYA Cosmetic Surgery Clinic last April as they have such a fantastic reputation.My operation was a success and the after care was amazing.Katerina has already had around £10,000 worth of cosmetic procedures but she isnt giving up on it yet.She is soon to have a nose job too.Katerina added: My nose isnt awful or anything but it could be better.Once Ive had my consultation, Ill book it in for as soon as possible.I would never go with any other cosmetic clinic as I trust them so much.I am going to get my nose job on a finance plan as I havent managed to save up for it so far.I think after my next operation Ill be completely happy.The next time Ill undergo surgery will be for a face lift when Im older.

A anarchy is escort bayan violence

Editors note: Mark OMara is a CNN legal analyst. He is a criminal defense attorney who frequently writes and speaks escort bayan about issues related to race, guns and self-defense in the context of the American criminal justice system. The opinions expressed escort in this commentary are solely those of the author.
(CNN) — Gun debate? What gun debate? Americans seem to have this bayan escort settled.
Yes, we witnessed on our TV screens this week yet another parade of children being evacuated from their school — bayan escort ankara this time in Oregon — their arms held high to show they were not armed as they fled a 15-year-old shooter who police said took the life of their 14-year-old classmate.

Mark OMara

But Americans, ever more desensitized to the school/mall/navy yard attacks that come, weekly, into their lives, dont seem to want to talk about a gun problem. Americans remain pleased for the general population — even 15-year-old kids — to have nearly unfettered access to all manner of firearms, including assault rifles. Even the President seems to have acquiesced. A tweet from @WhiteHouse: If public opinion does not demand change in Congress, it will not change. — President Obama on legislation to prevent gun violence.
What this means is that weve accepted school shootings and other random mass shootings as a normal part of life in America, no matter how they affect the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that was first announced in the Declaration of Independence, some 13 years before our oft-quoted Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
I guess thats not surprising: We accept collateral damage for other privileges we enjoy. We tolerate a certain number of drunk driving deaths, more than 10,000 in 2012, and theres little public outcry for greater restrictions. Weve been willing to sacrifice nearly 7,000 soldiers (and tens of thousands wounded) in two wars to maintain our political influence in the Middle East. About 400 children drown each year in pools and spas, but were not scrambling to outlaw summer fun.
Why should guns be any different? In the United States only about 10 people out of every 100,000 are killed by guns, or a little more than 30,000 per year (As a reference, we lost about 60,000 soldiers in the Vietnam War).
This is clearly an acceptable sacrifice to make to maintain our sacred, un-infringed right to bear arms, no?

Police: Shooter and victim not linked

Student recalls Oregon school lockdown

New video shows shooters last moments

After all, Ive been told by some gun-rights advocates that reasonable restrictions on gun ownership will undoubtedly send us down a slippery slope to the abolition of all guns in America. And if we didnt have unfettered access to guns, think about what would happen: We would be overrun by a foreign power; our government would assume totalitarian control and burn the Constitution; and criminal gangs, the only people left with guns, would run roughshod over all law-abiding citizens.
If you suggest, as I have, that we should place reasonable restrictions on guns, then you are clearly a delusional or ignorant pacifist who has been dropped on his head. What part of shall not be infringed dont you understand? they ask. (For the record, Im a responsible gun owner.)
Im confident that in the next few weeks there will be another school shooting. Im confident because there have been 74 shootings on or around schools or colleges in the year and a half since the Sandy Hook massacre. Thats averaging one a week.
Ill repeat: We have a gun problem in this country.
Reasonable restrictions on guns will not lead to totalitarianism and anarchy. Suffering 30,000 gun deaths annually is not a reasonable sacrifice to make in order to blindly maintain our unrestricted gun culture, particularly when the rallying cry is an outdated reference concerning infringement which, known to anyone who has actually studied the Constitution and our founding fathers who drafted it, was a reference to the then-existing reality that young men, when called upon to defend the state and the laws of the state, were expected to provide their own arms.
Listen, reasonable restrictions are necessary to assure the continued viability of our Second Amendment rights, and to curb the unnecessary bloodshed caused by the proliferation of guns into hands of irresponsible people who care little about constitutional rights, and less about the sanctity of life. Like that of a boy in Oregon, who was shot dead.
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